Friday, July 7, 2023

LumoHost, a leading provider of hosting services, is pleased to announce that our website is now available in multiple languages. With this addition, we aim to provide our customers around the world with an enhanced user experience and meet the diverse language needs of our international audience.

At LumoHost, we understand the importance of effective communication and customer-focused service. Therefore, we decided to translate our website into different languages so that visitors can more easily access information and understand our services in their own language.

With these languages, we cover a wide range of regions and customers, and we aim to add more languages in the future to serve an even larger audience.

This new feature allows users to easily switch between languages using a language selector on our website. Whether you view our hosting plans, review technical documentation or contact us, you can now choose the language that suits you best.

At LumoHost, we are always focused on improving our services and meeting the needs of our customers. By making our website multilingual, we aim to remove the barriers of language barriers and provide a seamless experience for all our visitors.

We invite you to explore our revamped website and share with us your feedback regarding the multilingual feature. We are always open to suggestions and strive to continuously improve to meet your expectations.


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